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Water innovation for homes, communities and businesses.

Hard water impacts millions of homes and businesses, every day.

Hard water is water containing excessive levels of mineral ions such as magnesium, calcium, carbonates, and sulphates.

Untreated, these minerals build up in pipes, faucets and appliances, causing inefficiencies and damage due to scaling and calcification. Mineral deposits can also cause skin irritation, reduce the efficacy of soaps and cause dishware and glasses to turn cloudy.

of Canadian municipalities have water hardness in excess of 180 mg/l - which is considered very hard.
Current hard water solutions are inconvenient, harmful and wasteful.
Many home water softeners use Sodium salt to replace the Magnesium and Calcium ions. This method of softening doesn’t reduce the problematic minerals, it simply replaces them with Sodium which is known to contribute to heart disease in many people. While doing this the salt based softening systems require ongoing replenishment of sodium-chloride salt, which is a major logistical hassle and leads to high operating costs.
In-home reverse osmosis (RO) systems offer salt-free, whole-home water softening. But this is achieved with a staggering amount of wastewater.
A typical in-home RO system will see four gallons of water poured down the drain for every single gallon of drinking water produced. Can we really justify this level of waste in the face of growing, global water scarcity?

Our technology is different. Our technology is better. ​

Ionic Solutions’ technology softens water with a freshwater recovery rate of up to 97% at the touch of a button.

Working in tandem with incumbent systems, or standing alone, our technology outperforms other desalination solutions such as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, in every application.

Discover what water softening means to hard water communities like the District of Taylor, northern B.C.

In 2023 / 2024, we ran a water softening pilot in the community of Taylor. The pilot set out to prove that our technology can safetly soften water for an entire community, for just a few dollars a day.
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