The greenest, most sustainable, water desalination technology in the world.

This is better desalination. This is C-EDR.

Our proprietary technology, Capacitive Electrodialysis Reversal (C-EDR), selectively removes ions from all kinds of water using incredibly low amounts of electrical energy.
It is more flexible and efficient than any other desalination solution currently on the market and a game changer for any industry or service that uses ionized water in any part of its processes.

The C-EDR difference

Better electrodes.
We have developed Super Capacitive Electrodes that store incredible amounts of ions to prevent redox reactions of ions at the electrode interface; something that costs traditional EDR reduced electrical efficiency and high maintenance.
Our Super Capacitive Electrodes create an electric field within the cell to separate ions from water streams while preventing gas producing electrode reactions. This means our Super Capacitive Electrodes have an extended life expectancy and do not foul due to corrosion or ion contamination.
Better flow control.
Our technology features Osmotic Flow Control which manages osmotic pressures and backflow and enables us to achieve incredibly high electrical efficiencies and freshwater recovery rates of over 95% in many applications.
Better operating flexibility.
We have integrated flexible operating variability to ensure our technology works across a wide range of flow capacity and salinity levels, simply by changing the input power. When applied to even the highest concentrations of brine, our technology demonstrates freshwater recovery rates consistently higher than conventional treatment technologies. This gives operators maximum flexibility to meet the changing demands of their systems and processes.

The Ionic Solutions Advantage.

Working in tandem with incumbent systems or standing alone, our technology improves business outcomes and outperforms other desalination solutions in every industry and application.
Our technology uses up to 40X less energy than reverse osmosis and even higher reductions compared to traditional EDR.Less energy means significantly reduced operating costs and better environmental stewardship for your business.
We ensure your business draws significantly less water for every process. Drawing less water reduces your societal impact while dropping operating costs further.
Our technology has the highest freshwater recovery and regeneration rate in the desalination industry. This water can be reused in your industrial processes to drive never-seen-before operational efficiencies.
Our technology can treat even the most complex salty wastewaters, giving you the highest recovery rate with the lowest possible wastewater disposal costs.
Our technology requires significantly less maintenance and chemicals and our membrane life is longer than any other desalination solution in operation.

Got Reverse Osmosis? We can integrate and make it better, or replace it.

We can integrate or retrofit our technology to any part of your process. Our technology can improve the output of an incumbent reverse osmosis system in a low risk application, or replace it entirely. The choice is yours.

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