Industrial Wastewater Reduction


Water innovation for industrial wastewater reduction and recovery.

Reducing your industrial water footprint makes good business sense.

Almost two out of every three litres of freshwater drawn in Canada are used for industries and power generation.

Wastewater reduction offers a way for industries to reduce input water consumption and associated costs, while wastewater recovery and regeneration helps you to reduce costs associated with wastewater treatment, management and disposal. Our technology can work alone or in tandem with incumbent systems like reverse osmosis, boosting every aspect of performance.  

It’s the right thing to do for our people and planet.
Climate change and the associated water crisis are being fuelled by industries all over the world. Our technology helps you reduce both your carbon footprint and your water footprint — while simultaneously reducing operating costs.
At a time when climate change and environmental sustainability is a growing concern, socially and environmentally responsible water management can greatly increase the marketability of your products and services.
Our technology optimises water processes in the power, mining, manufacturing and agriculture sectors and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Examples of industrial wastewater recovery:

Many complex salty wastewaters can be treated, recovered and regenerated with our patented technology.
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