C-EDR pilot hits 4,000 hours of run-time in Northern BC

Desalination trailer treats 40-million litres of water for less energy than it takes to run a refrigerator for a year.

Ionic Solutions’ desalination trailer recently returned from a 6-month pilot project in the District of Taylor in Northern B.C. where it demonstrated sustainable, low-power, municipal water softening in one of Canada’s hardest water communities.

Water scarcity is affecting the cost of living more than you realize

We all know the cost of living has been rising at an alarming rate in recent years and for the most part we’ve attributed those costs to interest rates, inflation, the price of oil and pandemic related supply-chain issues.

But water scarcity is another reason consumers have less dollars in their pockets and it affects almost everything we use and buy on a day-to-day basis.

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