Through science, engineering, and experience, we are striving to solve the world’s water crisis and ensure water security for generations to come.

Innovation born out of passion.

Ionic Solutions was co-founded in 2009 in Calgary, Canada by Azaroghly (Azar) Yazdanbod and Barry Johnson.
Azar’s passion for water was ignited while working as a senior Geotechnical Engineer in Iran, where water scarcity poses a constant challenge to each new generation of farmers and threatens affordable, local food production. Observing the human impact of climate change and the water crisis firsthand, Azar began researching solutions to water scarcity.
In his career as a Geotechnical Engineer, and based on capacitive interaction of clays with ions, Azar developed his concept for capacitive removal of salt ions in water, using an electric field.
A meeting of minds.
In 2007 Azar emigrated to Canada with his family, where he soon began construction of a water lab in his basement. In 2009, he met Barry, an engineer and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, who shared Azar’s desire to bring much-needed innovation to the water technology sector.
Within 24-hours of meeting, Azar and Barry got to work at the local hardware store to start developing Azar’s ideas which would eventually lead to the Capacitive Electrodialysis Reversal of saline waters, or as we know it now, C-EDR.
A decade of research and development.
More than a decade on, Azar and Barry continue to build together in the lab, refining solutions for our industry partners while leading the Ionic Solutions team – which continues to grow steadily.
Since 2020, we have been piloting projects across industries including energy, manufacturing, metal extraction, and municipal water softening as we commercialize C-EDR technology.

Disrupting the future of desalination.

We know that our technology is game changing.

We know that it has the capacity to disrupt one of the fastest growing industries in the world by reducing industrial energy consumption and costs associated with water use.
But we also know that it has the potential to save our planet billions of gallons of water each year. Water that is needed to sustain communities and businesses, grow crops and feed families.

As we look to the future, this is what drives us.

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