Ionic Solutions Ltd.

Ionic Solutions Ltd. has developed a breakthrough desalination technology that requires significantly less energy usage compared to even the most efficient desalination methods on the market. The inspiration for this Calgary-based innovation was the the global water supply challenges driving the importance of reuse and desalination.

Using their patented continuous flow Capacitive Desalination (CD) technology, Ionic Solutions improves the efficiency of desalination, deionization and selective ion removal from water. Adapted from the conventional electrodialysis membrane process, this innovative technology reduces energy consumption to approximately 2 kWh/m3 of product water and production costs by 20-30%.

CD technology could provide a low-cost supply of potable water for many geographic regions around the world.

The impact of the energy savings is significant, and with a versatile product that is both modular and scalable, small communities can use the 100 m3/day system or large complexes can retrofit this modular technology into their existing plants. With world demand for water desalination products and services projected to increase 9.3% annually, Ionic Solution’s CD technology is a cost-effective solution for drinking water and agricultural or industrial applications.


Barry Johnson, President

Barry Johnson is a Founder and the Director and President of Ionic Solutions Ltd. Prior to the formation of the Company, Barry was the President and CEO of Bunker Energy Ltd., Vice President of Engineering for Avalanche Energy Ltd., and Executive Vice President of Colony Energy Ltd. A professional engineer in the Province of Alberta, Barry has over 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry, with 15 years at the executive level. He is the past President of Parkinson Society Canada and currently serves as a member of the board of directors of a Calgary based engineering service company. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary and is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta.

Azaroghly (Azar) Yazdanbod, Vice President Research

Azar Yazdanbod is a Founder and the Vice President, Research of Ionic Solutions Ltd and the innovator of the patented technology, Capacitive Desalination. He has a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in Geotechnical Engineering, from the University of Houston, Texas. Azar has 30 years of engineering experience in earth sciences, physics, fluid flow analysis, dynamic analysis, and water projects and has been involved in managing many complex projects.

Azar started his personal research into technology for desalinating sea water in 1999. Since then, in addition to his extensive review of technical literature and theoretical studies, Azar has dedicated himself to analytical research and conducted hundreds of tests to determine the behavior of ions in electric fields.

Board of Directors

Ionic Solutions is supported by a fully engaged Board of Directors who have many years of business experience as management leaders of other companies. Our board members include:

  • Russ Barss, President and Chairman of the Board of Beta Machinery Analysis.
  • Dave Elder, Director and Secretary to the Board, Vice President, Corporate Development with Sylogist Ltd.
  • Matt Templeton, Director, President of Associated Research – EDC.
Sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt, is in most of the water on the planet at concentrations too high to drink. The vast majority of sodium chloride and other ions need to be removed for human consumption.