Ionic Solutions owns and manufactures the greenest, most sustainable, water desalination technology in the world.

Game changing desalination technology.

Our patented system revolutionizes the desalination industry by reducing energy consumption, increasing freshwater recovery, and enabling controlled mineral content of treated waters.

Greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

Our proprietary technology has a wide range of applications where it excels, including salt removal, freshwater recovery, brine concentration, wastewater reduction and wastewater reuse. All with the lowest possible energy output.

Learn how our game changing water technology is transforming:

We are Ionic Solutions and this is better desalination.

Climate change is causing a water crisis.

The world needs a better desalination solution.

Billions of people, whether they realize it or not, are or will be impacted by water scarcity. According to the World Resources Institute, the United States, Australia, large parts of Europe and Southeast Asia will all be acutely impacted by water stress by 2040. Rising temperatures, disrupted weather patterns, extreme weather events and growing populations threaten freshwater supplies on every continent, every day.
Desalination offers a solution, but current methods, which are inefficient and energy intensive, are unsustainable. Our technology can change that.

Learn how we’re helping to solve the water crisis

Better desalination, the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

There are currently over 21,000 desalination plants in operation globally, twice as many as 10 years ago.

Reverse osmosis accounts for 80 percent of the world’s desalination capacity and uses more than 200 million KWh of energy, every day.

Desalination plants are in operation in 174 countries around the world.

Desalination sector growth, due to increasing water scarcity, is projected at up to 12 percent annually.

More than 300 million people rely on desalination for all or part of their daily needs.

The global population is expected to increase from 7.7 billion to 9.7 billion by 2050.

Our partners in sustainability and environmental change


Change the world with us

We’ve been developing and refining our technology through pilot projects and partnerships for over a decade. Our technology will reach commercialization in 2024/2025.
If you’re interested in investing in or working with us, we would love to hear from you.
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