Ionic Solutions’ AMTA / AWWA Membrane Technology Conference 2024 Presentation

On Wednesday March 6th 2024, Ionic Solutions is presenting at the American Membrane Technology Association and American Water Works Association Membrane Technology Conference in Florida.

Held annually, the conference invites global leaders in water technology to present and discuss latest developments in water and wastewater treatment, desalination and membrane technology that enhance water reliability and quality.

Ionic Solutions is presenting in a session on Advancing Brine Management: Innovative technologies and comparative analyses in water treatment. Our paper shares operational data from one of our C-EDR units processing feed brackish water from a Con Edison boiler feed system in New York City.

This data demonstrates that, when compared to equivalent conventional reverse osmosis (RO) metrics, Ionic Solutions’ Capacitive Electrodialysis Reversal (C-EDR) technology produces significant operational improvements including:

  • Increased clean water yield
  • Reduced concentrate
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduced anti-scalant chemical usage

All of which results in dramatically reduced operating costs for the boiler feed water system.

Jordan Grose, Ionic Solutions’ Vice President of Commercialization is presenting the paper, which was co-authored by Kevin Slough and Azar Yazdanbod, also of Ionic Solutions, and William Sellerberg, Gary Thorn and Josephine Aromando of Con Edison.

Jordan Grose said: “Ionic Solutions has been developing and testing our desalination technology, C-EDR, for over a decade. We know its capabilities and are excited to share data to prove it with our colleagues at the Membrane Technology Conference. C-EDR has the potential to disrupt the desalination industry and challenge the way that industry thinks about water use, the recoveries possible, and the incredibly low power consumption required to do it. Our paper together with Con Edison demonstrates these amazing capabilities and helps to inform the water industry of this new technology.”

More information on the AMTA / AWWA Membrane Technology Conference can be found here.

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