Ionic Solutions Ltd.
<h3>Cities, Towns and Villages</h3>

Cities, Towns and Villages

Ionic Solutions CD technology is ideally suited for the desalination of water for any size of residential community. Ionic Solutions base unit of 100 m3/day is capable of providing potable water for 300 to 600 residents depending on location and consumption needs. Larger communities of towns or cities can be serviced by stacking base units to get the flow rate that is required.



The Ionic Solutions CD technology is capable of desalinating oilfield produced water with very high salinities. Such high salinity waters could not be treated with RO. This is an opportunity to desalinate water for use in the hydraulic fracturing industry, steam generation industry or secondary recovery waterflood projects.



The amount of ion removal from water can be customized using the Ionic Solutions CD technology. Generally some ions are left in the water as a health benefit for human consumers. This solution will apply to the bottle water industry or beer brewing industry. However, some industries, such as Pharmaceuticals or chemical manufacturing may require water with very few ions remaining in solution. This ultra-pure water can be provided using Ionic Solutions CD technology.

Desalination takes only a quarter of the electricity to generate drinking water as it did in the

s because of more efficient pumps, membranes and energy-recovery devices.