Ionic Solutions Ltd.

C-EDR is a Next Generation Technology

It combines capacitive electrodes with special internal construction that together increases product yield, reduces energy consumption, eliminates gas generation, and electrode corrosion, and provides lower cost product water.  

C-EDR is adaptable to changing inlet conditions and can accommodate variable product water demand with faster or slower throughput.

C-EDR is superior to RO and ED

Reverse Osmosis (RO): uses high pressure process requires expensive pumps, piping and vessels. High pressure membranes are a maintenance issue and require pre-treatment chemicals to reduce scaling/mineral precipitation. 

Electrodialysis (ED): is an old technology. The ED process has very limited use because of high capital and operating costs, as well as potentially high maintenance cost due to corrosion and production of corrosive gases.

Technology Electrical Power Costs Operating Pressure (psi) Membrane Life Expectancy Maintenance Requirements
C-EDR Low 30 Long Low
RO High (high pressure systems) 1200 Moderate (maintenance costs) Medium – High
ED High – Very High 10-30 Long Low – Medium
Patented Process

C-EDR solves water challenges

  • Capacitive electrodes (protected by trade secret), eliminate corrosion and dramatically reduces operating power requirements.
  • Patent pending spacers eliminate concentrate leakage caused by pressure change (osmotic flow control).
  • Patented flow process improves output.
Today’s best desalination technologies consume


kWhr of energy per cubic meter of water desalinated. Ionic Solutions CD technology can reduce this to less than

kWh per cubic meter of water.