Ionic Solutions Ltd.

Through scientific insight, detailed mathematical modeling and laboratory work, Ionic Solutions has developed a proprietary Capacitive Desalination (CD) technology for the removal of ions from solutions such as seawater. By using high capacitance electrodes coupled with special features controlling osmotic back flow and advanced electrical control equipment, Ionic Solutions CD technology improves upon conventional electrodialysis desalination, allowing for its use in desalination of seawater at lower energy consumption levels than Reverse Osmosis. The result is a desalination system that requires practically no supervision, lowers energy consumption and is very durable and flexible with respect to inlet and outlet parameters. With the use of Ionic Solution’s CD technology, the overall energy consumption is reduced and the operating cost of producing fresh water from seawater is lowered by 20 – 30% as compared to the best RO systems.


The capacitive electrodes eliminate the release of gases at the electrodes, mitigating corrosion and recurring maintenance costs that plague other systems. Ionic Solution’s CD technology also prevents the back flow of water molecules from the diluted product water to the concentrate waste water through Osmotic Flow Control.


Technology Problem Ionic Solutions CD Enhancements
RO High operating costs due to plugging of membranes Lower maintenance requirements
ED Electrolysis side reactions at electrodes cause corrosion High capacitance electrodes prevent electrolysis and corrosion
ED Osmotic (water) flows across membranes Reinforced membranes to handle osmotic pressure

Ionic Solutions CD with Osmotic Flow Control technology optimizes the use of electric fields and pressures for desalination, with a lower overall maintenance cost and energy consumption requirement than both reverse osmosis (RO) and conventional electrodialysis (ED) systems. CD requires no consumable chemicals, operates with minimal input costs and is designed to function with little maintenance for periods of up to 10 years, translating to a reduction in operating costs by as much as 20-30%.

In an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of countries that require additional fresh water resources, CD technology provides not only an economic process but operational flexibility including:

  • Variable flow rate wherein the energy consumption per m3 will also be lower when lower output rates are needed. Output flow can also be increased to meet higher than expected demands. These unique features are absent in all other technologies, including RO.
  • Handles wide range of input salt concentrations.
  • Scalable from small to large facilities.
  • Retrofit into existing desalination plants.
  • Desalination for potable water systems in cities, towns or villages.
  • Oilfield water with salt concentrations ranging from brackish to 100,000 ppm.
  • Desalinating water for boiler feed in the case of in-situ steam floods.
  • Desalinating water streams back to the plant inlet in the case of oil sands mining extraction processes.
  • Desalinating oilfield produced water for hydraulic fracturing requirements.
  • Treatment of water to an ultra-pure level that is suitable for the electronics or pharmaceutical industry.

All of these solutions for water treatment can be done at a much lower cost than any other competing technology.

Today’s best desalination technologies consume


kWhr of energy per cubic meter of water desalinated. Ionic Solutions CD technology can reduce this to less than

kWh per cubic meter of water.