World Oceans

Only 1% of the earths water can be used for human consumption and agriculture without further processing and desalination. This leaves many parts of the world to rely on desalination of seawater for domestic purposes.

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride, commonly known as salt is a common ingredient in most of the water on the planet. The vast majority of these and other ions need to be removed for human consumption.


Ionic Solutions uses a combination of electric currents and capacitive anodes and cathodes to remove salt ions from water. This process requires very little electrical energy to desalinate water.

Water Output

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Introducing Ionic Solutions

With ever increasing population, the need for new water resources is rapidly becoming the most important impediment for further economic development throughout the world. These shortages are becoming so acute that many now believe that we are going to run out water before we run out of oil. Indeed, many armed conflicts today such as the situation in Darfur are directly related to water shortages.

Ionic Solutions recognized that in order for the world to continue developing at the current pace, better methods of extracting salt from seawater would be needed so that seawater could be an affordable source of potable water for human consumption, industrial needs and agriculture.

To meet this challenge, Ionic Solutions has developed a new method of ion removal from aqueous solutions that minimize the inefficiencies inherent in existing desalination technologies.  This new technology is based on high capacitance electrodes utilized in an elegant arrangement. This process could best be defined as "Capacitive Electrodialysis" or "CED".  There are many advantages within the CED technology, but the primary result is a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and a major improvement in process control.  Many of the world’s desalination projects have electrical consumption that represents at least 70% of the total operational cost.  A significant reduction in electrical energy means that the overall cost of desalinating seawater will be reduced closer to the lowest theoretical limits.


Our Approach Works

Ionic Solutions has laboratory tested its technology to develop a deeper understanding of the processes that are occurring in Capacitive Electrodialysis (CED) technology. We are also continuously expanding specifics of the chemical manufacturing aspects of this technology (ISART).


The technological advancements that Ionic Solutions have made are in the process of patent protection. Various parts of our work are part of a patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and to the World Intellectual Property Organization. Other parts are subject to continuations in part and/or are patent pending.


Many parts of the world suffering agricultural water shortages possess large volumes of brackish water. Such waters could easily and very economically be transformed to water suitable for agriculture by CED. A lower cost solution for desalinated water will provide affordable water that will allow countries to economically compete by restoring productivity to land that currently may not be arable.

Alternative Uses

Ionic Solution has identified alternative uses for the technology that is based on the same efficient capacitive electro-dialysis technology used in the desalination process. These alternative uses are in the area of chemical manufacture for certain "building block" chemicals. Ionic Solutions believes that this technology could dramatically lower the manufactured cost of the chemicals and greatly simplify the existing processes. These products include but are not limited to Caustic soda, Hydrochloric acid and soda ash.


Another benefit of the Ionic Solutions technology is the operational flexibility that can be achieved for the plant operator. The desalination equipment would be capable of wide variations in plant throughput and will be able to handle variable input conditions with respect to salt concentrations, flow rates and operational temperature range. This has the advantage of handling seasonal requirements for cities, municipalities and surrounding agricultural communities without additional capital investment.


Ionic Solutions Ltd. is supported by fully engaged management and Board of Directors.  In addition to a highly motivated, solutions oriented management team the company is also comprised of a Board of Directors with a diverse skill set.  The Board of Directors have many years of business experience as management leaders of other companies.  This has proven very beneficial as the company is directed towards success.